You may not believe it, but you deserve good things in life, and they are coming to you at the speed of light. Everything is going to get sorted around you. Your days of crying and sulking are about to get over. A loving soul is about to enter your life, and it will bring positivity and hopes to you. It means that you will make a new friend and that will make all the amendments.

You have made it clear that you are self-sufficient and thus taking responsibility for your health is also your responsibility. You need to take care of the basic needs of your body. Things like cleanliness and sexual health to strange but obvious medical issues need attention. After all the struggles to get you in the gym, the possibility of you going there is finally resurfacing. You are ready to start gyming if your body tells you to do so.

There are certain things that no one else can resolve other than your heart. If there is a question in your mind, then the answer is within you, as well. Whenever you are upset, you hide inside an enclosed place, it makes you feel safe. You do not hide your expression and remarks from others. You like to speak your mind and appreciate the good things in life. And you expect the same from the person who is with you.

“I have found, that we often must realise, that we cannot be angry at people for simply not being capable of stepping out of their comfort zones to be decent human beings. You are born with this wild respect for people and you think it’s all equal. And that’s what hurts. Because it’s not all equal, not all people are going to show up for you, not all people are going to do the decent thing for you, even if it’s something that would be so easy for you to do. You can never make your standard into the standard for everyone. Some people are just frogs in a mud puddle, and really, they’re actually perfectly fine with that!”

Colors of the day: Mauve, White

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: R, Y, R

Cosmic Tip: There is no such thing as perfect. Your flaws are what make you unique.

Tips for Singles: You are on the right track, but you need a head start.

Tips for Couples: Why are you holding your romantic side? Your partner needs it.

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