You are more emotionally invested in your close relationships today than usual, dear Leo, and the extra attention you bring to them can be highly beneficial.

While emotions figure strongly today, you’re also in the position to converse objectively about personal matters, making it a great time to sort through trouble areas in relationships or to address tricky issues.

It’s natural for you now to home in and intuit others’ needs, which you can then match with the right kind of support. You’d be wise to seek out company today if it doesn’t find you first!

Find a mentally engaging activity to focus on with the Sun and Mercury parallel to one another and both transiting your partnership sector.

At the same time, the Moon in your solar eighth house and Neptune strong now suggests you’d also be wise to do some deep, alone-time musing for even further insights.

The demons of industry have your back. You currently possess the capability to tackle detailed work that is usually too boring for you. Put your joint resources on the table.

If you are not sure what belongs to whom, it pays to try to solve this mystery today.

Your irrepressible curiosity gives you the shot in the arm to figure it out. The process of establishing clarity flows much more smoothly than you might expect.

As Mars moves into his final seven days in an adventurous part of your chart he is battling against a strengthening professional pull.

Mars knows that his return to your career sector next week will add to that, which is why he is determined to make his final days count.

Mars is not a planet that likes to wait, but knowing there will be adventurous lunar vibes in play over his last weekend makes him reluctantly happy to wait.

However, be warned there will be no excuses for not embracing the weekend spirit, with a chance now to clear time and room in your life.

Today’s Quote: “Don’t love too soon. Don’t trust too fast. Don’t quit too early. Don’t expect too high. Don’t talk too much.”

Lucky Numbers: 13, 17, 21, 30, 37, 41

Daily Compatibility: Gemini

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Good

Business: Good

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