Career issues may be on hold as critical communications fail to arrive on schedule, Leo. You could become frustrated and anxious about completing the matter. Do not do this. You’ll find something to do instead of waiting, and your time will go faster. There will be something else to do. You will get your primary concern resolved but not as quickly as you would like. Be patient!

You’re a bright, curious individual. Try to use these characteristics to improve your diet. You will have to pay attention to your body over the coming months and take care of it. The availability of products may change. Are you curious about what is available and where it can be found? Organic products can be more expensive than regular ones. Are you interested in the reasons and whether it is worth it? These and other issues are important to know.

Partners might be feeling very passionate today due to the current planetary alignment. You are also free to express your feelings. You will feel a deep connection with your partner if you’re in a long-term relationship. You will be able to move forward with a relationship that is just beginning. Enjoy!

“A lot of things are inherent in life -change, birth, death, aging, illness, accidents, calamities, and losses of all kinds- but these events don’t have to be the cause of ongoing suffering. Yes, these events cause grief and sadness, but grief and sadness pass, like everything else, and are replaced with other experiences. The ego, however, clings to negative thoughts and feelings and, as a result, magnifies, intensifies, and sustains those emotions while the ego overlooks the subtle feelings of joy, gratitude, excitement, adventure, love, and peace that come from Essence. If we dwelt on these positive states as much as we generally dwell on our negative thoughts and painful emotions, our lives would be transformed.”

Colors of the day: Orange, White

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S, Y

Cosmic Tip: Do not try to emulate anyone.

Tips for Singles: Try to spend some time alone every day and not in the company of others.

Tips for Couples: Communicate better to avoid misunderstandings and petty fights.

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