A virtual group event can connect you with others interested in participating in healing meditations for the planet, and it can help strengthen relationships between those who participate in this type of activity. Although you might not speak much, it is likely that you will fully agree with the concept. Enjoy your day.

When it comes to friends, the warmth, caring, and tenderness they show when things are not going well are what we value the most. It is essential to keep this area of your personality open by exercising regularly and not limiting your energy. Regular yoga practice can make a huge difference. You can release your energy by focusing on deep breathing, improving blood circulation, and stretching your muscles.

The day’s energy encourages you to be a little more adventurous and go the extra mile. Put down the baked potato and get off that couch. Figure out what you can do to help that person whom you have been admiring for so long. You have all the power you need, and you can just pick up the phone to call. It is so simple!

“However much you love somebody, you should always keep a part of yourself to yourself. Never give it all. You can never be yourself otherwise.”

Colors of the day: Pink, Green

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, J

Cosmic Tip: It is better to be careful than repent later.

Tips for Singles: Go grab the opportunity to bond with a new person!

Tips for Couples: A date night with your loved one will be the perfect note to conclude your date on.

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