Dear Leo, there have been many ups and downs in your life. You have been through a rough time yourself. But today you will see a ray of hope. All your problems are slowly going away. Your friends are very supportive too. They have been with you through kith and kin. The best part is that you can openly share your problems with them. With them, you feel less lonely.

Because of the problems you were facing for the past few days, your sleep cycle has been disturbed. As today is a bright day, you should focus on completing your sleep first. When you feel fresh, do a light yoga session to get energy into your body. Eat light foods today to clear your heavy stomach. This day is meant to relax so just chill.

This is a rough time for you, dear Leo. You are a little stressed and apprehensive about your future but you are carrying yourself well. After hearing a few motivational podcasts, you will feel motivated. You will decide to get your life together and do something new today. With a little motivation, you will do some basic household chores. This will fill you with fresh energy and dedication to build something great.

“Sometimes we have to push people aside, distance ourselves from others to remain happy. There are people that will try to place you in the darkness they live in, so there not alone. Their objectives so simple, as transparent as the life they live. You’ll walk pass them without a care, smiling when it’s time to leave.”

Colors of the day: Pink, Green

Lucky numbers of the day: 5, 7, 6

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: E, G, F

Cosmic Tip: No matter how difficult life gets, just believe in yourself.

Tips for singles: Spend as much time with your friends as possible.

Tips for couples: Sharing your feelings with your partner will decrease the pain.

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