Today Leo, it may be tempting to retreat into your ivory tower and watch the spectacle unfold before you. If this gives you the opportunity to gain perspective, why not? This is a time to recognize the true value of things and see how certain people fit into your world. This kind of harmony is possible for you.

The better informed you are about what you eat, the more satisfied you’ll feel. Learn what matters to you most about the foods you eat. Is there an agricultural community in your locality? If there are, learn about what these communities produce and how it is done. It is important to be knowledgeable about how food is grown. This knowledge will affect the foods you choose and the supplements that you take.

The planetary alignment allows you to meet new people and mix with them. You may be able to hear that person’s dulcet sounds, but it is more important. It’s a great opportunity to have a conversation together. As you look into one another’s eyes, the rest of the world disappears.

“So if you’re going through a tough time right now, just know that it’s happening because it’s teaching you a lesson. The hurt you’re feeling will help you appreciate something amazing in the future. Believe.”

Colors of the day: Sky Blue and Golden.

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7 and 5.

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: W, V, and K.

Cosmic Tip: Practice mindfulness

Tips for Singles: You are excited about the new connection

Tips for Couples: Break the monotony in your relationship

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