You might get mysterious phone calls – either from unknown numbers or hang-ups. You might be more preoccupied than normal Leo and others may seem less open to communication. It is possible to feel more anxious than normal, but this should disappear if you walk or exercise. This is the time to get started if you have been contemplating writing.

A sense of contentment or peace is now available. Although you may be unable to pinpoint the cause, you feel it has been ‘a long time coming’. Finding the root cause of your feeling is possible by using what some might refer to as a ‘backward approach’. Start a practice of health now. This peaceful feeling might be found in a healthy diet that includes light meals, lots of water, and physical activity.

The interplay between celestial energies is helping you realize that your partner isn’t the one who is making you feel awkward in your relationship. They are so focused on you, that they have neglected to see your part. You will never make positive changes unless you do.

“Don’t Just

Don’t just learn, experience.
Don’t just read, absorb.
Don’t just change, transform.
Don’t just relate, advocate.
Don’t just promise, prove.
Don’t just criticize, encourage.
Don’t just think, ponder.
Don’t just take, give.
Don’t just see, feel.
Don’t just dream, do.
Don’t just hear, listen.
Don’t just talk, act.
Don’t just tell, show.
Don’t just exist, live.”

Colors of the day: Green, Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 3, 5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: P, K, R

Cosmic Tip: Don’t get caught up in the outcome; just do your part.

Tips for Singles: Spend more time in the company of yourself.

Tips for Couples: In their relationships, committed Geminis should avoid coming out as dominating or overly dominant, as this may be a significant problem, especially for their partners.

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