Your thoughts should be crystal clear and communication should flow very well for Leo. Your message will need very few words. People will feel connected to you on multiple levels. You have valuable information that you can share with others. You play a crucial role in daily activities by sharing your critical, pragmatic, and grounded opinions.

Today will likely be the day that you are tempted to abandon your healthy eating habits or skip the exercises that are so important to your health. The air is filled with an urge to escape, which can lead people to associate food and laziness with their behavior. You can make minor concessions if you plan to watch a movie at home, such as soy-based Ice Cream, popcorn with yeast flavoring, or fresh lemonade.

You will be able get up the courage and go speak with the one who captured your heart. Although you may feel nervous when you start the conversation, this is because you are aware of how profoundly they will impact your life and you. You also realize that this is the only way to go.

“Letting him go

There is a particular kind of suffering to be experienced when you love something greater than yourself. A tender sacrifice. Like the pained silence felt in the lost song of a mermaid; or the bent and broken feet of a dancing ballerina. It is in every considered step I am taking in the opposite direction of you.”

Colors of the day: Orange, Violet

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: C, K

Cosmic Tip: Do not let others tell you what you are worth.

Tips for Singles: Solitude could act as a healer for you.

Tips for Couples: Spending time with your beloved can be renewing.

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