Being a zodiac sign, which is synonymous with victory, Dear Lions you have a great day ahead. There are chances you might have been feeling blockages in your life but all of this is temporary.

You would remain great at your work today and fetch the attention of everyone around you. It is suggested that you keep track of your daily targets so that you can come up with a better version of yourself.

Your health would be fine for the day. You might have been going through a prolonged illness but this day marks your step towards better health. It is suggested for you to be particular about your food habits.

Lately, you have been indulging in habits that were not good for your health-wise. This is the reason why paying attention to your health is the ultimate need of the moment. It is also recommended for you to be particular about your water intake and fitness habits too.

Dear Lions, you might have been complaining to Universe lately about the struggles you are facing in your professional life. But don’t worry as it is the time when your presence and efforts would be appreciated on the same platter.

Keep your head high and be positive towards giving your efforts at work and see the magic happening. You are also suggested to stay at a distance of 10 miles from any conversation which gives you the probability of heated situations with top people in the hierarchy.

Today’s Quote: “I am nowhere near understanding Time. It seems to be a direction in which sentience can only move one way and perceive the other, but it also destroys, and twists, and swallows, making legacies differ from, or even oppose, intent. It annihilates, repeats, erases. It is too alien to me.”

Colours of the day: Magenta, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5,7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: T, F

Cosmic tip: You are an abundance of positive energy and focusing on it will give you laurels.

Tips for Singles: The journey of loving others starts from within.

Tips for Couples: Reflect love and attention to your partners and observe better things paving their way to you.

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