When it comes to matters of the heart, the exact thing you’re looking for isn’t far off in the distance right now it is within reach.

This may not be a person, place or thing, but a new paradigm or passionate perspective. You’re able to let go of a painful chapter in your love life’s past to make room for a wave of positive changes.

But continuing to cast your gaze way in the distance is working against you: You may already have encountered the answer to your quest and this is your moment to open your eyes to see what’s in front of you.

If you have an opportunity for an affair, it will be dangerous and stupid to go for it. The planetary aspect indicates that it is difficult to be patient concerning things that are bothering you.

You are emotional but at the same time stable. Do not try to conceal your mistakes, it is better to reconcile with the reproaches because you deserve them.

Trying to analyze a certain point beyond complete exhaustion won’t get you any further toward a decision. A trip, even on a rainy day, will be refreshing.

Prepare for unpleasant news that are related to problems in the life of a good friend. Changing your plans may lead you to load yourself with obligations that you do not expect at all. Make allies.

Improving the lines of communication in a love connection could require you to let go of any past precedents where openness is concerned.

If an understanding existed that certain topics were taboo or to be steered clear of, then this could be an ideal time to assess the reasons why.

You and your lover should be free to discuss anything at any time, and it can be liberating to release outdated beliefs on both sides now.

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