A minor mystery is brewing in your love life today, leading you into potentially challenging terrain. The good news is, you have the emotional wherewithal and psychic energy to tackle this with grace.

You’re full of curiosity and a zest for romance which makes you want to ditch what seems boring in favor of excitement, but it’ll take some inner work to clarify your desires so that they don’t lead you to confusion.

You’re still figuring it all out right now, and that’s part of the passionate process.

It is very likely a former lover to remind you of themselves and already-gone feelings to start burning with new strength.

Do not be fooled by the complaints of the people around you and do not help if they have not personally asked you to do so. Control your emotions. You are losing patience rather quickly during this cycle.

Don’t make travel plans. Right now you will not be able to judge what people stand facing you and in your delusion, you risk letting them close to yourself.

Change and transformation may seem like slightly frightening and insecure concepts, but they can also start a new phase in your life.

Unexpected twists can change your plans, which you should not regret. Be flexible to deal with every emerging situation.

You might not believe your actions or demeanor are in any way erratic or unusual, but a loved one or potential partner might think otherwise.

What you see as consistent, someone else might see as inconsistent but don’t go changing just to please someone them.

Your paramour might be clinging too tightly to routines or traditions and need to be reminded of magic that often comes from being more spontaneous.

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