This week will be tough for you to keep your balance, Leo! Take these things seriously because they are perhaps more important this week than they have ever been. If there is a clash between the old and the new, you may be asked to serve as an arbiter. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Check to see whether you are a party to the agreement. Take advantage of your communication abilities to help bridge the gap.

The planetary alignment this week may assist you in gaining perspective by digging deeply into an issue. These energies often cause communication issues, which, although a little rough around the edges, may ultimately lead to enlightenment. The breakthrough or breakdown will almost certainly include some kind of judgment, and you may be on the receiving or giving end of it. Breathing activities, particularly running, are recommended to help break through the narrow-mindedness.

It will be difficult to maintain a sense of equilibrium this week, Leo! Remember to take this carefully since it may be more essential than it has ever been. In the case of a disagreement between the old and new, you may be requested to act as an arbiter. Utilize the chances that are given to you. Examine the contract to verify that you are a party to it. Take advantage of your communication skills to assist in bridging the gap.

Something or someone may push you to make a major choice, Leo. Check to be sure you’re on the right track. Remember that there is strength in numbers. To conquer, people must band together. The fact that people are still fighting amongst themselves just helps to aggravate the issue. Understanding one another’s differences and cooperating on larger issues that affect us all is critical to progress.

Lucky Color: Red, Yellow

Lucky Numbers: 7, 8

Lucky Alphabets: V, W

Cosmic Tip: Look for things that pique your interest. Pursue what you are passionate about.

Tips for singles: Make the most of your best friend’s companionship.

Tips for Couples: You should communicate openly about their worries.

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