General Daily Predictions: Today, Moon from Aries opposes Venus in Libra, triangles Saturn in Sagittarius, and conjuncts the retrograde Uranus in Aries. Then, it will enter Taurus, and from there: it will oppose Jupiter in Scorpio. Later on it will form a hexagon with retrograde Neptune. We’ll have another long void of course period. This will take place from 3:03 to 9:47 UT. Moreover, the Full Moon will appear larger by 14-15% (!!!) as it’s closer to our Planet. This enhances the effect of the Full Moon.

An extremely magical Full Moon:

At 5:23UT of the 4th of November, it will also oppose the Sun. This means that depending on the place of the world you live in, the Full Moon night may be tonight.

The Sun forms a nice triangle with Neptune. Today it is accurate, but it will be practically active until the 25th of the month. This is after the coming New Moon, on November 18. Jupiter has also started forming a triangle with Neptune today, and this triangle will be active until the 11th of January 2018. It will be accurate on December the 2nd. An extremely strong Neptune, an extremely strong Pluto, along with a strong Uranus today, while Scorpio is also strong, form a very magical Full Moon, and a very magical waning Moon period.


The protagonist, though, of this period is probably Venus. The accurate conjunction will happen on the 13th of the month. The aspect will be active, though, until the 23rd of the month. That is, for the whole waning Moon and almost half the next waxing Moon. This will give a great emphasis in the arts, in beauty and in love.

Venus and the arts:

Inspiration and creative work regarding the arts will be stronger until the 7th of the month, when Venus will enter Scorpio. After then, making yourself known, or advancing in your artistic career will be stronger than creativity. Dancers, actors and similar artists will have a very busy and productive period until the 7th of the month. It is also a good period for them to send as many CVs as possible if they are looking for new jobs.

By no means does this mean that creativity will stop after the 7th, though. Especially for arts like romance, erotica, mystery and thrillers, creativity may become even stronger when Venus will be in Scorpio. The aspect will be stronger as well, so this will benefit the rest artists too, but not as strongly.

Venus and beauty:

Beautification and beautification magic are also strong. Age reversing beautification will be extra strong until the 12th of the month, when Venus will stop supporting Saturn. Gaining body mass will be easier and auspicious during the whole period. Reducing your weight with mundane means may be difficult though. It would be better to employ some spiritual means along with your physical efforts. If you want to start a weight reducing diet, make sure you’ll start it before the 12th of the month.

Venus, love and sex:

Love life will be benefited during the whole period. The few following lunar months will also be good for love life, as then Venus will be in conjunction with the Sun, but, for most, this waning Moon will be the luckiest. Usually we don’t advice spell casting for attracting a new love during the waning Moon, but in this case, do your best. The whole astrological scenery is so very helpful that the waning of the Moon won’t be much of a handicap.

Relationships of a significant age difference will be very supported until the 12th of the month. Magic to invite such a relationship will also be strong. Meditative techniques to achieve that will be even stronger. Employ them. Seductiveness and attracting sex fun will be stronger from the 8th of the month and then on. Regardless age difference, student-teacher kind of relationships will be blessed for the whole period. Attracting a new such relationship will also be auspicious.

Once again I would like to remind that when I say student-teacher relationship, an actual student and an actual teacher aren’t necessary. What this means is that the one is teaching the other. It can also mean that both teaching the other, different things.

Exploring new things in bed is also auspicious. If you are in a relationship, this is a good period to try new things. In some cases you may find it surprising how enjoyable they may be. But also, do pay extra attention to sexual safety. Venereal diseases and pregnancies are also very possible. As for the latter, if this is your intention, then do your best during this period.


All magical and spiritual practises will be very potent during this waning moon. The elements of Water, Air and Earth will be the best to work with, regarding spell casting. Love magic, sex magic and beauty magic are also very promising and so is magic for fame. Meditative techniques will be very potent until the 10th of the month, but they will remain potent for the whole period.

This is a good period to re-awake your forgotten abilities. Also, enrolling to a spiritual seminar, or something similar, is very auspicious. Re-employing and perfecting old methods is more favoured than learning new ones, but the latter is also auspicious.

Astral travelling, dream magic, and communication with the spirits is also very promising during this period. Even more so if you have previous experience in these fields. Self love and self discovery are also very auspicious. If you are going to do just one thing, do this one!

Reiki, bioenergy healing, massage, acupuncture and similar methods are very strong healing methods during this period. Chakra cleansing and aura enforcement too.

Final notes:

This is a very beneficial period for all zodiacs. Do make the most of it. Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces will be the luckiest zodiacs of the period. Probably in this very order. If your ascendant is in these zodiacs, you’ll also receive extra blessings. The other six zodiacs will simply be not the luckiest ones, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call them the unluckiest ones. They will also be lucky.

Some of the aspects are still active, and I’m not mentioning them and their influences in this article. Also, take a look on the Jupiter in Scorpio article, which studies Jupiter’s influences for the whole period. Jupiter, after all, is very strong during this period. Finally, look forward to Jupiter’s hexagon with Pluto article.

Zodiac Predictions

Predictions for Aries:

Financial dealings and new investments are very auspicious during this period. If the other party is of the opposite sex, then even more so, regardless of your personal relationship with that person. Love life is mostly benefited. You feel an inner need to receive support from your beloved one. If you receive this support, then everything proceeds nicely, both in your relationship with them, and in every other aspect of your life. If not, then things become a little complicated, especially between you two. But strictly on business matters, things will be good. Much better if you receive the needed support, but good either way.

People who give you ethical support can be sexy. If you are looking for a new love partner, then this kind of people attracts you. You also attract this kind of people in your life. From the 8th of the month on, sexual satisfaction will be one of the leading factors both in the development of your existing relationship, and in finding a new lover. If you are single and not really looking for love, your sex life can become much more active than usually. You luck in the matter too. You are seductive now and people perceive this.

Predictions for Taurus:

The first days are very helpful for raising your weight or body mass, but not for reducing your weight. If you want to achieve that, then the best period to start is between the 8th and the 12th of the month. But other kinds of beautification are all auspicious and easier to achieve.

Depending on the kind of your job, you may feel very motivated to work, or the exact opposite. In general, heavy and dirty jobs will receive the lack of motivation. In any case though, you can expect progress there. From the 8th of the month on, things become happier and easier. Financials can raise, but probably mostly by cutting unnecessary expenses. At least after the 8th of the month.

Love is in the air. For those in a relationship, things are nice with your partner, especially if you receive ethical support from them. You also feel the need to provide such support. If this doesn’t happen, then problems may occur. Marriages are possible and auspicious. For those already married, attending weddings can become a regular occurrence. For the singles, finding a new love is very possible and auspicious. Dating is easy. At the very least, much easier. It would be better if you do your best for this to happen, but it is possible that a little dating can happen even without your efforts.

Predictions for Gemini:

Arts are very important for you now. Starting artistic lessons, practising and creating art, visiting galleries and the like, or acquiring anything of artistic nature, are auspicious and possible during this period, especially so until the 8th of the month. If your job is of this nature, expect good luck and advancement.

Spending money for luxuries and entertainment is also something you tend to do. This is good, as long as you don’t overdo it. Love can advance this way too. Meeting people at parties and the like is possible. Having fun with your current partner can heal problems in your relationship.

There is a greater focus in work after the 8th of the month. And there is luck too. Weather this will be a purely pleasant experience, or not, this depends on the situation. The one thing we can say for sure is that if you do the best you can do, progress will happen. Luck is by your side in all matters related to work.

Health becomes important too. Health supplements, energy methods of improving good health and similar things will be important and will probably enter your routine. There is also a possibility for increasing your weight. If this is not what you want, then it would be wise to pay extra attention to your diet and exercising.

Predictions for Cancer:

Having good time in your home, or with your family is something that will happen these days. Especially until the 8th of the month. After then, going out to have a nice time will be just as common. Improving your home, so that it will be more pleasant for you is also possible. Moving to a new residence is auspicious.

Joy will be even more important from the 8th on. Love and money can be benefited through your entertainment. Going out and having fun can attract people towards you. These people may become lovers, or clients, or friends, or anything.

If you are already in a relationship, then things will be very pleasant between you two. Especially so if this is a newly made relationship. Relighting the fire in an existing relationship is also possible. If this is what you need, make the effort from the 8th and then.

Changing your appearance to feel and look more sexy, beautiful, or younger can also happen, and it is auspicious.

Predictions for Leo:

Focus on the people in your life. Your ability to understand them and their needs, as well as to help them is very strong this period. Even more, by doing this you are helping yourself. And I’m not talking about good karma! This people will appreciate your support and help, and help you back, in return.

Acquiring new phones, computers and the like is auspicious. Self studying on matters that interest you is also very auspicious. Finding groups to help you do that, is very possible.

Home and family will be in your main focus after the 8th of the month. Your inner “home” as well. Finding your inner balance and befriending yourself are both auspicious and easier to achieve during this period. Bettering your relationship with your family, too, and so is the beautification of your home. Moving to a better place of living is also possible.

Predictions for Virgo:

Money is probably the main focus of this waning moon. Acquiring more money is especially favoured until the 8th of the month, but it remains lucky even after then. Helping others to obtain more money brings money to you. Try to encourage and help your co-workers, instead of trying to prove you are better than them. Think the really best solution for your client instead of trying to sell them the most expensive product or service. Things like those will help you raise your money status. In a more indirect way, offering to charities can also help you.

Spending more money is also possible. This will mostly take the form of an investment of some kind, rather than purchasing luxuries. Taking care of your home and making it more secure and comfortable, expanding your business, things like those.

Learning new things and achieving new skills, either work related or not, is much favoured from the 8th onwards. Make time for such goals. Luck will be on your side too, if you try to achieve this. Finding teachers, schools, groups, or books to help you in your effort will be easy.

Predictions for Libra:

Enhancing your beauty is very much favoured until the 8th of the month. Both magical and mundane means will work miracles, as long as you are willing to make the effort. The only exception will be if you want to reduce your weight. If so, much discipline is required, and magical or spiritual means are very important parameters of your success. Spending money on beautification is also a tendency of your during this period, and you’ll most probably receive the results you desire. Just try to avoid overspending.

Indirectly you attract love and affection. You tend to show your best character and you show love and care to people around you. This is what attracts love towards yourself. People appreciate your care and return it. Universe, also, brings people willing to offer love and care to you. Will these people be potential lovers or not isn’t certain. But if you are looking for a new love, then, yes, it is possible. If you are already in a relationship, then bettering this relationship will be very feasible.

Money will be lucky and important after the 8th of the month. Raising your financial status is possible. Paying debts, cutting unnecessary expenses and raising of income are the ways you achieve it. Expanding your business is also possible and auspicious. Even though you will need to spend some money in such endeavours, you’ll feel certain for your success.

Predictions for Scorpio:

This period will affect your love life more than any other zodiac. Or at least, more intensively so. The singles should make clear to themselves what they are looking for. Then make this clear to the universe as well. Emphasising your sexuality and your sexual fetishes is also important, both for the singles and the rest, as well. This may sound odd for a typical Scorpio, but this is why you should pay much attention to this aspect. Is it something you want and don’t even dare to admit it to yourself? Sexual fantasies can become very vivid and occasionally they can even absorb much of your day. I won’t suggest against that, especially for the younger ones. Just pay attention on the messages these fantasies give you about yourself and about the kind of relationship you want.

After the 8th of the month, the scenery cleanse and love luck is much better. Cast your spells, and study yourself before the 8th so that the period after then will bring you what you desire.

If you are in a relationship, the period until the 8th may be a little problematic. This is because you feel the stress caused by your refusal to express yourself. So, express yourself! After all, if your partner doesn’t approve of your sexuality, is probably the wrong partner to be with. After the 8th, though, the situations in your relationships will be much happier and much more fulfilling.

Spirituality is also very important. After the 8th of the month, learning new methods and techniques is auspicious. Professions of spirituality, beauty and sex will be very lucky after the 8th of the month.

Predictions for Sagittarius:

Meeting new people and spending time with your friends and acquaintances is very much favoured until the 8th of the month. After then you want to reduce your social life and keep contact with whomever you consider important. People of similar spiritual paths and interests belong to this VIP list of yours. Your engagement with religion and magic becomes stronger. Maybe a constant part of your daily routine. Visiting astrologers, mediums and diviners is very possible. Discovering your spiritual potential is also possible.

Internet will be a key factor of your life. Advertising yourself, or your company through it will be auspicious. Starting or advancing a web-based business is also auspicious. Social media engagement and activity will be more than usual. Until the 8th of the month quantity will be the way this aspect express itself. After then, quality will take the leading role.

Acquiring new technological equipment is auspicious, especially until the 8th of the month. In the same period, though, your equipment may be a little sensitive. Back up your important files, update your antiviruses and whatever is applicable to each case.

Predictions for Capricorn:

Work brings satisfaction. This doesn’t necessarily mean that work will be easy, but you’ll enjoy it, nonetheless. You’ll also be more proud about it. If you are looking for a new job, it is very possible to find one. If you have one, a raising in status, changing to a better position, an achievement that will make people admire you, or other such pleasant events may take place. Whether your salary will raise too, is not what matters for you the most.

There is enough focus on your social life during the whole period, and, actually, your acquaintances may be the reason of your finding a new job, or whatever pleasant happens in your job. After the 8th, though, your social life receives even more focus, attention and luck. Meeting new people is possible, either by getting introduced to the friends of your friends, or through internet. Bettering and deepening existing relationships can also happen. Cutting off unhealthy relationships can also happen.

Promoting yourself and your business through advertisement, web sites and social media is very auspicious. Finding people of similar interests is also auspicious. Love can appear, for the singles, amongst those circles. Other than that, though, love life is auspicious for the cases we’ve mentioned in the general part, and neutral for all other cases.

Predictions for Aquarius:

This will be a pleasant period for university students. An advancement in their studies may happen, but, if so, this is not the main reason. Those studying abroad or in different places than their family lives, will enjoy the period even more.

Travelling is auspicious both for personal and professional reasons until the 8th of the month. If you travel for personal reasons, expect enjoyment. If you travel for professional reasons, expect success. International trade is also favoured.

After the 8th of the month, all business are favoured. Making a name in your subject is possible. All efforts to this end will provide good results to a degree, but in some cases, fame may come even without your seeking it. New jobs and better positions can appear. Income may also raise, but not necessarily. Prosperity magic is very strong for you, though.

Predictions for Pisces:

Universities, libraries, book stores, philosophical groups and similar environments can become the source of a new lover during this period. If you are seeking one, visit such places regularly. Spiritual compatibility and similar interests are what spells sexiness for you, right now. Until the 8th of the month, sexual eagerness may also be a major factor, as you are seeking sexual pleasure more intensively.

If you are in a relationship, until the 8th of the month, it’s a good period to try new things in bed. After then, spend more time talking to each other for whatever interests you both. Going to trips together, can also be unexpectedly beneficial for your relationship.

International trade and whatever kind of business has to do with other countries, or people from other countries, will be favoured. Studies too, especially after the 8th of the month. Actual students will have a pleasant period. This means both good developments in their studies and pleasant everyday life. /by The Mage

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