Aries: there’s a fireplace inside you, why are you attempting to place it out? your feelings are actual, they’re robust, they’re burning a gap by the partitions you construct. let down your boundaries and embrace the flames within your head.

Taurus: why should you cling to the issues that tear you aside? you’re so subtly cussed; you connect and refuse to let go. please, however don’t be afraid to launch your grip on the sharp finish of a knife earlier than it cuts any deeper.

Gemini: what would you like? your devotion is about as deep as a puddle. you flutter like a butterfly, from flower to flower, however you by no means land for lengthy. bear in mind this earlier than flying away: some issues can by no means be discovered twice.

Cancer: tears tumble to the ocean, don’t you would like you may go too? the despair you’re feeling is not going to final perpetually; you can not spend life wishing the worst. decide your self up, put collectively the items, dance in the rain as an alternative of crying.

Leo: you’re a fierce protector of others, however who’s there to guard you? when you ward off the monsters of mates, your personal are catching as much as you. flip round and combat your personal demons away as an alternative of sacrificing your self to them.

Virgo: whenever you cowl your eyes, what do you see? perhaps the nonetheless black of nothingness. look deeper, there’s a world of creativeness ready to be explored, should you can open the confines of your thoughts and push your personal boundaries.

Libra: should you give your life to a different with nothing in return, what’s left of you for your self? partnership is the sharing of hearts, a dance of two folks, not a sacrifice of 1. bear in mind to ask for a bit of another person earlier than giving freely all of your self.

Scorpio: why is it really easy for you to rebuild partitions? ages of chipping away at concrete is put to waste whenever you fill the holes of progress along with your sharp tongue and poison glare. open up the gate, let others in, let your soul flood out.

Sagittarius: you run, run, run, however the place are you going? you flip your again on others, and chase after the solar as an alternative of giving what it’s a must to those that love you. open the gates of your coronary heart as an alternative of working away with the key.

Capricorn: should you pour your whole coronary heart and your soul into your work, what shall be left of you? you flip ache into productiveness, however make certain to not get too misplaced in the job in entrance of you, otherwise you would possibly by no means discover your approach again dwelling.

Aquarius: your smile is gorgeous, however is it actual? it glints in your face as you snicker, like a mirage in the desert. as an alternative of hiding your fears behind your eternal kindness, let your secrets and techniques go, and let your smile fade for as soon as.

Pisces: you’re gazing the stars, what do you see there? you’re so misplaced in your fantasies, and you’ll not enable your self to be discovered. descend out of your goals, embrace life, dance below the stars as an alternative of standing and watching.

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