Like all earth signs, Taurus is incredibly sensuous, loyal, and has an unwavering drive towards abundance.

This is the first of the earth signs, mind you; as such there is a vibe of slow and steady progress, versus nimbly rushing towards the goal post.

In a similar fashion, the route to love with Taurus unfolds like her steady and unwavering approach to life.

If you fall hard for her, those feelings will likely develop out of a slow and gradual buildup of energy until you realize–as if out of nowhere–that you’ve got it bad for Taurus.

Once the infatuation sneaks up on you, it’s pretty tough to shake. But why would you want to shake this goddess off, in the first place?

Here are a few reasons you might fall hard for Taurus…

1. That Voice

Sound is such a pervasive trigger that it’s easy to overlook how activated we are by it. Strange, given that we are created by sound.

Science is revealing more and more how physical patterns–sacred geometries–are created from the vibration of sound.

The Australian aborigines believe that the Universe was sung into existence. There’s also an iconic biblical passage that reads: In the beginning was the word.

In a nutshell, nothing happens without the emanation of sound. Yet when noise is such a ubiquitous part of urban and modern living, it’s easy to take it for granted.

Until, that is, you hear a sound that you either love or loathe. We tune out the stuff our ears deplore, and conversely relax into and welcome more of the sounds we adore.

Why does that matter?

In order to fully receive a vital message, we need to be receptive to taking it in. There’s something here about honey versus vinegar.

Taurus’ voice is the honey that opens your heart and ears to the content of the message. Its richness and resonance is unmatched. Even his laughter evokes a feeling of instant desire for connection.

Consider the body part that Taurus rules: the throat. It’s no coincidence that this is one of his greatest assets. Tell me you don’t go weak in the knees when you hear this man.

It’s not going to be the sole reason you fall for him, but something in Taurus’ voice–whether singing or speaking–will awaken within you a hunger for more than the sounds coming out of his mouth.

2. That Charm

In private, Taurus may let her hair down and reveal a surprisingly bawdy sense of humor. As an earth creature she is fully in tune with her body and the pleasures of physical incarnation.

But in public or any situation requiring finesse, Ms. Taurus is all Miss Manners. She writes the thank you cards, brings a hostess gift, and compliments your appearance. She is one of the most gracious gals you will ever encounter; she is ruled by Venus, after all.

Taurus’ charms will surface almost immediately, yet she’s anything but solely surface.

Taurus possesses earth energy, so she has deep roots that she nurtures in order to maintain her cherished connection to family, friends, and professional ties.

This is a fixed sign, requiring stability and steady growth towards maximum potential. You will not find a more loyal friend or steadfast lover than Taurus.

3. That Abundance

While it ought to be said that one should never marry for money alone, it could also be countered that it’s just as easy to love a rich man as a poor one. It’s wired into a Taurus to be an amasser of wealth.

He resonates naturally with the 2nd House of income, values, and assets–whether they are financial or spiritual. Isn’t it interesting that Taurus’ totem is the Bull, symbol of fertility?

The term Bull Market is applied to confidence in rising prices on the stock market. Look also to ruling planet, Venus, an ambassador of personal financial worth.

He’s an exemplary steward of his resources. In an evolutionary sense, Taurus deepens his spiritual awareness through his realization of I Have.

Operating through the element of earth, his mastery of the world of form and manifestation is borne of a faith that there is an abundance of Earth’s goodness for all.

Mind you, he comes with a bit of a rep, this one, for being somewhat possessive. Yes, he may lean towards collecting for its own sake.

It’s just that objects, people, money–these are verifiable proof to Taurus of his ability to make manifest whatever he desires.

There’s a bit of magic for you to learn from and to cultivate yourself, if you’re in deep with Taurus. He’s got a yin, or receptive, energy field. Through Venus’ law of attraction influence he appears to draw towards him what he so dearly wishes for.

It may look like magic, but you likely won’t see all of the sweat that goes into the attainment of his goal. That’s because he graciously describes it as ‘fun’ or a ‘blessing’ rather than sheer force of effort and will.

4. Taurus/Venus in Your Chart

Taurus is into down-to-earth, pleasure-full living. Disembodied theorists need not apply for this one’s heart. If you’re into Taurus, here are some markers in the natal chart that can help establish some common and fertile ground between you:

Taurus on the 7th House Cusp, Venus in the 7th House, 7th House Ruler in hard aspect to Venus:

With Taurus on your 7th House cusp of committed relationship, you have a Scorpio Ascendant. The Taurus-Scorpio axis is s# xually expressive, and makes for a sensuous and steamy combination.

A Taurus lover can help you contain the watery magic you possess, and to channel it into something wonderful.

If Venus is in your 7th House, you are magnetized towards partners who embody the Venusian virtues of diplomacy, good luck, and a flair for romance.

Perhaps the ruler of your 7th House forms an edgy vibe with Venus; in that case, you require a certain amount of friction–it could even be a sense of divine discontent–in order to keep things interesting. This inner drive can help prevent you from getting into a spiritual rut.

Venus or Mars in the 2nd House, or Mars in hard aspect to Venus:
If you’re born with Venus in her natural 2nd House, you are a bona fide money magnet. If Mars is there, you’ve got plenty of drive to increase your earnings. Either way, you’re singing Taurus’ song.

If these planetary lovers are at odds with each other in your natal chart, you thrive somewhat on sparring.

Consider it a contest of wills, or a discrepancy in the division of labor and/or resources.

As Taurus is known for her tenacity–digging her heels in ever so well–you’re right at home, should you fall for her. 

SOURCEBased On Materials From Michelle Suzanne
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