Dear Sagittarius, if you have been planning for something magnificent in your love life, this month could be the right time. Everything and everyone seems to be in your favor, almost as if the stars are prompting you to make this move right now. You may be planning to get engaged or even expecting a child! Either way, you must make the most of this phase of your life.

This month, you will feel super excited about the happenings in your life. You are at peace with yourself and all that you find around you is joy. As this is one of the most significant phases of your life, you might want to prioritize staying healthy and happy. To achieve this, all you need to do is maintain a healthy diet plan and embrace all the happiness that life has to offer.

At your workplace, everything is moving ahead at the same pace. The business deal you have been working on is on its way to completion and you are hopeful that you will be able to secure the deal. You are also making good profits and receiving promotions at the right time. There is nothing more to ask for except a little break to celebrate your achievements.

You and your beloved may be planning to tie the knot or maybe even planning to expand your family. This is a moment of great joy for both of you. Your entire family is overjoyed to see how far you have come in the journey of your life. You feel overwhelmed by the amount of love and affection they are showering on you.

If you are planning to celebrate your happiness by visiting a nearby destination this month, you can rest assured that it is the right decision. For a change, you must try something unconventional because your story is the perfect example of what it means to be unconventional. Enjoy every moment with your family and make memories that you will be happy to recall at every point in life.

Colors of the month: Baby Blue, Umber

Lucky Numbers of the month: 2, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: K, C

Cosmic Tip: Focus on your goals and have their success served to you.

Tips for Singles: Make time for a little bit of both: work and self-care.

Tips for Couples: Make out time and have those emotional and sensitive conversations that you have been avoiding.

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