Set some limits, Sagittarius—for serenity’s sake! With ever-expansive Jupiter as your ruling planet, you’re always ready to take on more (and more and more). But as the Sun shines into conservative Capricorn for six more days, you’re cautioned to choose quality over quantity.

No, you don’t want to forget (or bag on) all those magical and creative ideas that got you fired up with excitement. So here’s what you do: Open up a screen in your notebook app, title it “2019 Inspiration” and record the brilliance there. Then, take a look at that list and prioritize.

Choose one (or okay, two) things to accomplish this month and plan to do them well! You’ll get a deep sense of satisfaction from this streamlined approach. While you’re at it, take a look at your schedule.

Where are you leaking energy and burning yourself out by trying to accomplish too much in too short of a timeline? If you can’t scale back or slow down, then your other option is to bring in more support.

Many hands make light work! If you don’t have the cash to invest in an assistant, get creative. Maybe you could work the barter system, with the understanding that you will “pay” people back when time opens up in a month or two.

This is also a good week to give your belt a cinch. Life might be expensive, but we’re pretty sure you could cut back on a couple indulgences in the name of financial security.

All the world’s your stage this Friday, January 18, as cosmic copilots Venus and Mars flow into an auspicious trine (120-degree angle) and make you the most dazzling of them all. Mars is currently on an “artist’s residency” in Aries and your fifth house of fame, flamboyance and romance.

That alone is enough to bring out your inner scene-stealer. But a second rush of magic comes from passionate Venus, who has been touring Sagittarius and your first house of daring self-expression since January 7.

As these heaven-sent sweethearts sync up in this somewhat-rare formation, you (or your work!) could be catapulted into the limelight. Be fearless about promoting and pursuing what you want.

Fortune favors the boldest Archer, and let’s be honest: You’ve never had the patience to wait around for people to discover you anyway. Let your outre side out to play and wear it on your sleeve, literally, by stepping out in one of your maximalist outfits.

Your fashion dares will draw some fascinated eyes in your direction and someone important might even stop you on the street.

On Sunday the 20th, the Sagittarius social butterfly comes bursting out of the cocoon as the Sun zooms into Aquarius and your convivial third house until February 18.

After a month of nose-to-the-grindstone hustling, you’re ready to power down that laptop (by 6PM, at least) and let your hair down. Make playtime as much of a priority as productivity time.

This solar-powered cycle could draw amazing collaborators and partners who can lighten your load. Or maybe it’s time to turn that side hustle into a joint venture?

Sharing the glory could mean
revving up the profits: a true win-win. Since the third house rules local activity, you could become the de facto mayor or entertainment director in your zip code over the coming four weeks.

How about getting an eclipse viewing party on the calendar this Sunday night as the almost-full supermoon in Leo paints la luna red? Since these moonbeams will be activating your travel zone, don’t be surprised if talks turn to a shared vacation…and maybe the spontaneous booking of a flight!

No matter your GPS coordinates, your job for the coming four weeks is to help your crew banish the winter blues by organizing a fun event like a weekly lecture, gallery exhibit or a karaoke cocktail hour.

Wander out of your office or cubicle for friendly banter with coworkers. Does your car need a tune up, new sound system, or other overhauls? Take it to the mechanic this week.

Writing, podcasting, YouTubing, style blogging, stand-up—when it comes to communication, you’re in your media maven element now. Pick your medium and broadcast your message!

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