Keep your aggressiveness in check this week as that may lead to a heated argument. There will be situations that will be very tough for you. Make sure that you take some time out of your busy schedule to do some self-reflection which will take care of your aggression. Do not bring up previous fights in the argument. As that may make your situation even worst. It is best to be calm and not argue to maintain a healthy relationship.

You should take care of your face as you may face problems with your vision. Make sure that you take medicines or opt for treatment when such a thing occurs. There will be a few diseases that will catch hold of you. It is advisable to carry an umbrella with you which will protect you from rain and sun. Make sure to consult a nutritionist before changing your food habits. The environment will affect your physical health so make sure your health is at its peak.

Take care of how much you spend on things, there are huge changes coming on your way. You may have a big loss in the worst way and so it is very crucial to take care of how much you spend on things. This loss will pester you and so make sure that you have saved some money beforehand. Don’t be in a hurry to spend your money, take time to see where all your money is being spent. It is important that you have proper planning against the loss that will occur with you.

You will experience a sense of freedom and hence you should check or reinforce your boundaries. There are new possibilities on your way and make sure you take every necessary step to expand. However, don’t lose your focus as it can be chaotic. You have to make sure that you smartly work for your progress. There are chances that there are celebrations on your way to keep you joyful. There will be a lot of places where you will invest your time, in such a situation make the best of your opportunities.

You will not be traveling much; instead, you will prefer to sit in your comfort zone. However, you will focus on the journey instead of the destination, if you plan to go on some trip. Your first choice will be to sit home and ditch any travel plans so you can totally relax at home in your own cocoon of energy. If you go to travel outside, you will make sure that you cover every place which comes on the map.

Colors of the Week: Blue, Orange

Lucky Numbers of the Week: 5, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: M, Y

Cosmic Tip: Make sure that you are not afraid of the changes which will be happening with you.

Tips for Singles: You will be with a new person whom you can trust more.

Tips for Couples: Your bond with your partner will be strengthened

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