Sagittarius Woman in Bed
Sagittarius woman is very passionate, and erotic. She usually requires immediate gratification from her lover and she usually gets it. She is full of risk, unpredictable, fickle and she can be very unfaithful!

This woman usually has many erotic experiences or she wants to have a lot of them in young age.

In the practice of s*x, she is simple and sensual. She usually loves foreplay and cuddling, always enjoying the sexuality of her partner. She is often stressful and she cannot stand in one particular spot.

She wants action, passion, transitions, speed and much imagination! She hates routine and repetition of the same things.

The lover of this woman must have imagination to be able to satisfy her. Otherwise, he will face sarcasm, irony and attacks.

Besides that, she will tell anyone about it! These women are not specific in bed, except for some who are associated with homosexuality.

Generally, she loves variety and learning. She does not hesitate to experiment. She has no scruples and taboos on such topics.

Sagittarius Woman Sexual Traits

Sagittarius woman are the ultimate woman with whom you can have some raunchy time in the bed.

These woman are born seductress and they know all the tricks of the trade to woo anyone to the bed. These woman love to take full control and they will always take the lead and their partner’s could do nothing but enjoy the heat of the moment with them.

These woman are also very sensual by nature and they can seduce a guy in a blink of a second through their sensual touch or some naughty talk and exciting words.

Sagittarius woman no doubt loves rough sex, but at the same time they would also demand a lot of kissing and cuddling in the bed.

As a result, she can also be quite tender and sensitive at times unlike her dominant side which she is up to all the time.

These woman who are known to take full control in the bed are also at the same time very understanding and caring of their partner’s needs and sometimes she would not mind her partner taking the lead and taking full control in the bed as she likes both the aspects of sex.

The sex drive and energy level of a Sagittarius woman is considered only next to an Aries woman or a Libra woman.

They can go totally wild and adventurous inside the bedroom and would always ask for new things from their partner.

At the same time, she is also naturally skilled lover and would often express her or attraction towards her partner through her lovemaking skills and techniques.

These woman also have very high libido levels and you can surely make them horny if you get too touchy with them in the bed.

Inside the bedroom, when it comes to lovemaking, she takes her own sweet time and ensures that her partner is satisfied at his fullest.

Her greatest joy in fact is the amount of pleasure and satisfaction she can give to her partner.

If you are not as exciting and adventurous as her, she is definitely going to get bored quickly and get disinterested in you. This is a major aspect where the sex life of her as well as her partner could get affected.

Remember, you also need to occasionally surprise her, compliment her and pamper her if you want your sex life in the bedroom to be active as she is not a robot who will just do anything for the sake of it.

You need to keep the spark alive in order to keep your sex life with a Sagittarius woman in bed alive.

Also remember that Sagittarius woman are adventurous and wild woman in bed and don’t hesitate even once if you want to try something new with her. Just go on and enjoy the hot moments with her as she will be always game for it.

Overall if you have a Sagittarius woman in your life, you already know you are having a good sex life and you should consider yourself lucky.

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