You may expect your personal life to take an unexpected turn with respect to the relationship with yourself and also with as well. You may not be willing to spend your time in some casual encounters rather you would want to experience something deep and permanent. At the beginning of the year, you may indulge in anger spurts with your friends and family but make sure that you maintain your anger and composure at all times. As the year progresses, you may establish a stronger relationship with your parents and elder

With regards to your health, you may encounter minor issues which would be mostly related to the stress and hypertension that you are dealing with. This will mostly be during the first phase of the year where you will also experience low energy levels and lethargy as well. This will gradually get better with the onset of the second phase of the year. You would want to take regular health checkups and also indulge yourself in healthy eating habits. Keep yourself moving with some lightweight exercises to keep the lethargy at bay.

This year is all about you focussing on your progress in relation to your career. You will have the keen interest to find out and research more on what is best for you professionally and nothing would deter you to tread that way. Therefore by the latter half of the year, you will find a good balance with respect to your work and personal life. You may also be eyeing for a change in job, promotion, change in the field of work, or a derailment in your career options altogether. During this phase, you should make sure that you are taking all your decisions with respect to what your heart wants rather than what your brain wants. You will be very successful in making an impression with your dedication and determination towards work. Thereupon you may find sufficient opportunity to grow your career as well.

Your creative side will find its way to you this year. Your well-crafted and thought-out plans will give birth to some transformative situations and thereupon you will be successful in striking a balance between your work life and your personal life in general. The stability in your personal and professional life will give you a lot of comforts and you will grow a very mature perspective on things. It will be quite vital for you to keep things as they seem to be and not go out of your way to achieve something extraordinary. However there may be times where you will have to deal with low self-confidence and self-esteem and during these periods, you should spend quality time with your partner or family to get your mind off of the negative thoughts.

You may be desirous of traveling abroad this year but it may take a lot of effort that it may seem. With regards to family trips, you may find yourself either going for family holidays, pilgrim tours, or something pretty adventurous. Make sure you accompany your friends and family and relax so that you are rejuvenated to get back to the grind later again. Soak at this moment which would mostly come to you in the latter half of the year. Short trips within the country are in the books for you.

Colors of the Year: Beige, Orange, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the Year: 1, 4, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: C, M, N

Cosmic Tip: Strive to be a better listener rather than jumping conclusions and passing comments.

Tips for Singles: When you are willing to help someone, do it unconditionally without thinking about your benefit out of it.

Tips for Couples: Your partner will need the same amount of care as you do yourself.

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