Scorpio, you might experience a lot of physical strength today. You’re most likely capable of lifting a whole couch by yourself if someone asks. Do not underestimate yourself. Your inner strength is greater than what you show to the world. It’s not necessary to conceal it. This great power is yours to make the most of.

Regular practice can solve almost any health problem. Regular yoga, running or gym workouts will be a huge help. For some people, exercise can almost be a religion. It relieves anxiety and nervousness that often plague daily life. It is important to find a purpose in your health routine. It is time to think about what health is all about.

You’ll have an opportunity to leave your sofa, turn off your television and be with your beloved one. You don’t have to invite your loved one over for another meal if it is possible. Dare to try something new, and bring a smile to your face. Try things that you’ve never done before. Be bold and find your love!

“I promise you will bloom again. I promise you will flourish. Trust me when I say that wildflowers grow in the oddest of places, between the cracks of memories, they gather strength within scar tissue, stretching toward the light, saying ‘We deserve to be here, no matter where we have come from.’ Now it’s your turn.”

Colors of the day: Bright Pink, Grey

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, D, S

Cosmic Tip: Forgiveness is more than just a gesture. It gives you mental peace.

Tips for Singles: Embrace who you are. Spend more time with yourself.

Tips for Couples: Communication should have honest views and opinions.

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