Beware of allowing your imagination to take control of your emotions. Your heart may be disappointed if the grand scenarios you imagine turn out to be unrealistic or unfulfilled. Today will have a practical tone, requiring you to be realistic and pragmatic, especially when it comes to your emotions.

Today’s planet alignment invites duality to be seen. It’s all about your inner and outer lives. Are you able to let go through running or yoga? Are you getting enough nutrition through healthy, balanced eating? Are you giving yourself enough rest and relaxation? This is all you really need to have a healthy relationship with yourself.

You might find this day particularly mysterious, or your new lover more so. The planets may indicate that your emotional environment between you is a bit strange. You will find a lot of passion and genuine caring, but there may also be a problem. This is because you want to feel close emotionally to others. Don’t give up.

“I know you can’t promise much right now, but please promise me this – promise me you’ll hang in there because I can promise you things will get better.”

Colors of the day: Red, Blue, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the day: 9, 4

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: H, N

Cosmic Tip: Be prepared to make bold moves

Tips for Singles: Get prepared a fancy date

Tips for Couples: Get your partner a beautiful gift

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