Some of you can feel restless today because of planetary arrangements. You are likely to notice that sticking to a boring schedule is not giving you expected results in terms of work at the office.

It is advised that you should learn to be more flexible and adapt to changes happening in your surroundings. Your patience can be tested today so keep your head cool and do not let anything come between you and your goals.

Look after yourself today as you have been working very hard lately and it is time to take some rest. You can get involved in creative sports or activities when you are free to boost your physical and mental stamina.

This day you are likely to be occupied with work because of your hectic lifestyle but remember to take a pause and catch your breath. Today can be very productive but you cannot neglect your health because of this.

You will be stressed out because of the workload today at the office. You will realize that success will be on your side only if you single-mindedly devote your time and efforts to your work.

Keep the tension aside because this day is supposed to be productive. Although progress will not be seen so soon, your efforts will be appreciated. Divert your focus on areas that need to be improved.

Today’s Quote: “Somewhere along the way we all go a bit mad. So burn, let go and dive into the horror, because maybe it’s the chaos which helps us find where we belong.”

Colors of the day: Mustard, Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 6, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: U, M, V

Cosmic Tip: Always look at what you have achieved instead of what you haven’t.

Tips for Singles – It is time for you to work on manifesting what you desire.

Tips for Couples – Laugh with each other; Life is a very brief affair.

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