Put into practice the ideas you’ve gathered over the past few days. Expand your knowledge and reach out to others. Today is the day to act. Move forward by connecting with your heart. Our hearts are often thought of as soft, vulnerable, and tender. Your heart can be described as strong and courageous today.

Watching other people fail can be depressing, especially if you believe it’s your duty to help others. It’s like this: When you observe someone failing to do their best, you feel it. This resonates with something you want to improve on. Before you help another person, always look within yourself to remind you of that. You can help a friend that is feeling lethargic by working out with them if you are able.

As someone who takes everything, from your daily routine to your relationship with the person you love very seriously (the planetary alignment of today) may indicate that you are looking to formalize an arrangement that was casual up until now. It is obvious that you have enjoyed one another’s company over the years. Now it is time for things to become more formal. Let them know exactly what you think.

“It hurts to let go, to say goodbye for the final time and remain distant in your closure, it may even tear your heart out to the point of insanity; but somehow in it all you find the pieces of your worth and you start creating yourself again, and in that journey of transformation you find the essence of what truly matters, inner happiness. It’s life, we all fall at some stage but it’s up to you, to decide how long you want to stay there.”

Colors of the day: Pink, Orange

Lucky Numbers of the day: 6, 2

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, I

Cosmic Tip: Do not ruin your present by thinking about the future.

Tips for Singles: Flirting is great but does not play with someone’s feelings.

Tips for Couples: Marry someone only when you want to, not when you need to.

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