You need to understand that you cannot take the blame and protect everyone you care for. According to your Scorpio horoscope, you need to allow them to bear the consequences because they dug their own grave and now it is up to them to lie in it, not you. You have other priorities that are important and they need to be dealt with swiftly instead of spending time on someone that is already far too gone.

While physically you have been doing better, mentally you are a wreck. You feel exhausted and it would be wise if you took a break to just allow yourself to rest and relax. You go far too deep in your mind by overthinking and overanalyzing as much as you can and this often brings you more grief and anxiety than relief. You need to seek professional help.

Someone who was close to you has stabbed your back and reached for your heart. Emotionally you cannot seem to heal from this betrayal today. You need to accept that the person whom you considered as someone very close to you, was just using you for your kindness and goodwill which is why after they were done using your skills and talents, they cut you off as soon as they could. Allow yourself to accept, heal and move on.

“We have to allow ourselves to be loved by the people who really love us, the people who really matter. Too much of the time, we are blinded by our own pursuits of people to love us, people that don’t even matter, while all that time we waste and the people who do love us have to stand on the sidewalk and watch us beg in the streets! It’s time to put an end to this. It’s time for us to let ourselves be loved.”

Colors of the day: Yellow, Lilac

Lucky Numbers of the day: 6, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, O

Cosmic Tip: Growth is inevitable. It is up to you if it should be positive or negative.

Tips for Singles – Life is too short to wallow in self-pity.

Tips for Couples – Comfort your partner, they need you.

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