What are you looking for? Scorpio, it isn’t easy to be with other people. Scorpio, you may expect too much from your close friends and be incapable of letting go when they fail to live up to those expectations. It can be difficult to accept compromises when you are too focused on your goals. This can lead to conflict that is difficult for you to accept. It is time to change it.

You shouldn’t say everything you like for fear of offending other people. You only create resentment, which can manifest in subtle, unintended ways. It is important to clear the way for yourself to express your feelings. You can practice telling yourself how you want your day to be. Look in the mirror, and tell yourself. It sounds ridiculous, but this works with current celestial energies!

Your coworker may be surprised by you and lead you to places you didn’t expect romance to take place. Your current celestial aspect suggests that you are in a strong relationship. This will be a great deal and both of you can ride off to the sunset together if you feel the exact same way. You may not be able to convince your admiring friend or lover to leave.

“People have asked me why I maintain a positive mental attitude and a positive self-talk, even in the face of utter despair. It is simple. I am always certain that the devil thinks and talks ill of me all the time, and I do not intend to become a second witness by thinking and speaking ill of myself. You know: ‘out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall a matter be established.”

Colors of the day: Denim Blue, Maroon

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, S

Cosmic Tip: Your kindness is your armor, not your weakness.

Tips for Singles: You are a brilliant being, do not settle for less.

Tips for Couples: Try interesting and exciting things to bring back the spark.

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