Newspapers, TV, and books are likely to provide a wealth of useful, new information for Scorpio. You might find new business ideas or projects by using this information. Talking with people who are interested in your goals can help you get more. You can expect an interesting and stimulating day and new opportunities by the end of each day.

With today’s planet alignment you will feel no small joy with your friends. Although you may have difficulty keeping track, your expectations and experiences will exceed them, leaving you feeling disoriented and out of control. You can re-connect with your body through this exciting reverie by exercising regularly and taking deep, exhaling breaths all week. You will feel more centered thanks to nerve stimulation and blood circulation.

It’s not your material possessions or the commonsense that you show, but the spiritual qualities and the character of the individual you desire to be with. Your spirituality and understanding of other facets of life is what will bring you closer to the person you want. Communicate from another plane.

“You can’t just live life thinking you deserve things. You need to EARN things. Whether it’s earning a nice pair of shoes, a car, or even someone’s love, the best part about winning the prize isn’t even the prize…it’s the journey of how you got there. The wisdom you gain from working hard is the key ingredient that will take you far in life. And never give anyone the power to make you feel bad about anything you worked hard for.”

Lucky color– Blue, White, and silver

Lucky number– 1, 3 and 9

Lucky alphabet you will be in sync with– R, S, and T

Cosmic tip– Explore your old hobbies.

Tip for singles– Approach your crush today. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Tip for couples– If you’re currently having tensions with your significant other, take a break to clear your head before handling the situation.

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