Some mail, checks, or calls that you have been waiting for may still be delayed by Scorpio. You don’t have to be frustrated if there are delays beyond your control. It’s best to look for something to do, and then wait for whatever it is that comes. You don’t have to lose heart – it is coming!

You might feel at the top. You can express complex emotions with the help of planetary alignment. Words work for you when talking about them. Talking to another person is not necessary. Talking to yourself can help you sort your emotions while running, strength training, or otherwise. While you are working out, it is helpful to have a conversation with yourself.

The day’s energy gives you the opportunity to discuss love. You will share your love with someone you care about, as well as sentimental and passionate feelings. Before you reach for the tissues and anticipate a romantic evening with your sweetheart, make sure you check that you can actually swim.

“Instead of focusing on the people who left, focus on the people in your life who have chosen to be there. Focus on the ones who stayed, on the ones who appreciate you and respect you.”

Colors of the day: Black, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 8, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: K, F

Cosmic Tip: Take the natural wisdom given to you by stars and use it to decipher the situations thrown at you.

Tips for Singles: Look for someone you connect with at your workplace.

Tips for Couples: Run by your partner any new plans you may have and respect their opinions too.

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