You might be being a bit backward when it comes to love and romance. It’s not necessarily bad. This attitude can actually work in your favor, you can focus more on yourself by following the current and waiting for the next move.

The world relies on your daily dose of understanding, acceptance, and compassion. Too often, you are not appreciated or recognized for the unconditional love that you show. It’s possible to put some boundaries and accept love from yourself, instead of allowing it to be given to others. It’s not easy, but start with your diet. Are you eating the freshest and best food? Are you getting enough vitamins? Are you drinking enough water? Focusing on your needs can help sustain your generosity.

Today’s planetary configuration is bringing a lot of good ideas to your relationship. It may be that you have wonderful ideas to transform it and yourself. However, you would prefer it to be transformed in accordance with your expectations and to achieve your specific goals. You want the relationship to be fluid and enjoyable, but you’ll eventually lose everything if you hold on to it too tightly.

“Promise yourself that you will choose to love yourself every single day, whether or not you sleep beside another human being. Contrary to popular belief, you become whole when you start to love every inch of your body, every aspect of your character, and every feature of your mind, not when you find home in someone else’s arms.”

Colors of the day: Rose Pink, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: M, P

Cosmic Tip: You are a free being.

Tips for Singles: Desperation & Attention seeking behavior won’t help you manifest the best partner yourself.

Tips for Couples: Fights are normal but do not blow them out of proportion.

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