You are likely to have a lot of financial success, making it easy for you to become complacent. You might think you are entitled to some reward for all your hard work and go on a shopping spree. However, don’t let your guard down. While you may be doing fine, you do not want to clutter your home with things you don’t need or want.

Coming full circle can give you an incredible sense of achievement. You will see the patterns of returning to where you began, but you’ll be more aware of your accomplishments. You can adapt to changes by taking care of yourself and your body, while still being optimistic about the future. Good nutrition is the best defense against illness, good sleep is key to a healthy mind, and exercise can help you feel more centered. These skills can be developed to their fullest extent.

You’re well-known for your infectious laughter that bubbles up on a variety of funny occasions. Today, however, you might have an opportunity to truly split your opinions. You may not find your sweetest loved one’s humor funny, but there is something that just makes you smile. You can pretend that they are laughing at the latest funny joke, which will make them forget about it.

“Yes, happiness leaves; but when it comes back you are always stronger, for you have understood what it means to make it out of the wreckage, you have learned how to survive in the dark.”

Colors of the day: Orange, Purple

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 8, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: E, Y

Cosmic Tip: Putting the wellbeing and needs of others over you makes one extremely sprightful.

Tips for Singles: Try to accept rejection as gracefully possible.

Tips for Couples: Volunteer to experience novel things together.

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