Sudden requests on your resources from others could make you feel used. A loan may be requested of you. You might be asked for a loan if you have doubts regarding the ability of that person to repay. This could conflict with your compassion for their situation. Scorpio, your intuition is strong today. Use it to discern the motives behind those who ask for favors. Only grant the favors you believe are necessary.

The framework in which you play and work was set up in kindergarten. It is important to remember the value of the structure. You can use the current planetary configuration to help you set boundaries that are right for you and your health. You need a structure that is flexible, but also very solid. Enjoy the process of integrating structure in your life.

You might find some reservations start to disappear. You may feel misgiving if you are in a relationship where you feel strongly bonded to your partner. This could be due to an underlying communication issue. This seems almost impossible to solve. Today, however, a significant breakthrough has been made.

“Keep going and remind yourself that there will never be a perfect time to do things differently, or to pursue something that genuinely scares you.”

Colors of the day: Light Green, Cream

Lucky Numbers of the day: 3, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: E, T

Cosmic Tip: Enjoy and cherish all the moments that you get to spend with your near and dear ones.

Tips for Singles: Enjoy every small success and reboot with some good self-care sessions.

Tips for Couples: Spend some quality time together and appreciate having each other’s back at all times.

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