This is a good day to assert your individuality and celebrate the things that make you unique. Chances are you’re not exactly one to blend in with the herd as it is, but today specifically, other people are more open to noticing all the best parts of you.

Do whatever you can to stand out! An offer from a special someone to get together for a pleasant evening could come down the pipeline, so be ready to go along for the ride.

The Moon could help you be more intuitively aware of how to have fun. In other words, you could explore an option or opportunity to let your hair down that requires a bit more of an imaginative approach.

Don’t rule out a hobby that fell by the wayside trying to get your attention, too. Whatever you choose, it’s time to find new ways to enjoy life instead of letting one day slip into the other!

Today’s energies pleasantly nudge you to embrace the new, dear Scorpio, and express or enjoy yourself more fully. You might discover something special about a love interest or your own feelings.

Pulling yourself back just a little from responsibilities can help you center yourself and refresh your spirit today. It’s a good time to follow a passion or a special interest.

Venus is currently transiting your sign, and today’s Moon in your creative sector harmonizes with it, drawing out your appeal and warmth further.

You’re especially attractive and fascinating at this time. You might put more of yourself into your creations or hobbies with great results.

Today’s Quote: “It’s not that we have to quit this life one day, it’s how many things we have to quit all at once: holding hands, hotel rooms, music, the physics of falling leaves, vanilla and jasmine, poppies, smiling, anthills, the color of the sky, coffee and cashmere, literature, sparks and subway trains… If only one could leave this life slowly!”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 2, 11, 15, 16, 33, 39

Daily Compatibility: Cancer

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