You’ll need to talk today as celestial influence kick in. This could lead to a major change. You have the chance to make significant changes to your relationship and strengthen the connection between yourself and someone special. Although it may be difficult, the rewards will be great.

You are a lover of using your body in new and exciting ways. Maybe you’re not making the most out of your physical abilities. Transit today opens up new avenues to the world of exercise and physical activity. You should be open to new ideas, as they can appear in unexpected ways. The popularity of swing dancing is increasing worldwide. You can try something different that will challenge your body and get it to behave like when you were younger.

Today’s astral configuration allows you to make your current or future partner feel great, and your friend can do the same. It is possible to feel a sense of harmony right now. This would especially be beneficial if you haven’t had the chance to spend much time together lately. Give each other treats and do your best.

“It is so simple, yet so hard for some people to do. If you want someone out of your life then you and only “you” must tell him or her to leave. This can only be done by you. Otherwise, your silence shouts, “I am undecided.” When other people get involved it sends mixed signals. If only more people would be so bold, hearts would not linger so long.”

Colors of the day: Pastel Pink, Coral, Indigo

Lucky Numbers of the day: 9, 2

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: I, R

Cosmic Tip: Dream for a better future, dreaming let your wishes come true.

Tips for Singles: You do not have any luck at the fling you are trying. So, watch out.

Tips for Couples: You need not be physically present all the time for your partner. If you are living afar try to do something that will put a smile on.

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