Dear Scorpio, your sympathetic and helpful nature will be put to test today. An old friend might come to you to ask for a favour. They may ask you for your time or a loan. You must listen to them carefully and understand their situation.

You should not let your emotions overshadow your judgement. Only help them if you are convinced that they truly need your help. You should also take precautions to save your resources from being misused in any way.

You have been overstressed for some time, dear Scorpio. You are working till late hours. This has completely disrupted your sleep cycle. Lack of sleep is adversely affecting your health. You will see a steep gain or loss of your body weight.

Whichever might be the case, this will be a reason for the detriment of your health. You must create a work-life balance. Overworking has to be stopped to regain your health.

Your schedule has been tight at work lately. You are doing overtime frequently to get the work back on track. You are juggling three to four projects at one time. The worst part is that you have to do it alone, all by yourself.

Your colleagues are only adding to the problem instead of solving it. But you will face the challenges courageously. Soon enough, you will also receive credit for your efforts.

Today’s Quote: “There was no such thing as the right time, he explained. Time was an idea: it had no end and no beginning; it could not be seen or heard or smelled. It could be measured, sure enough, but no words had been found to explain precisely what is was. As to the “right” time, it was simply a matter of agreeing to agree.”

Colors of the day: Orange, Peach, Brown

Lucky numbers of the day: 4, 6, 9

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: O, R, T,

Cosmic tip: Do not let others use your helpful nature to your disadvantage.

Tips for Singles: Spend time on yourself, pursuing your hobbies and relaxing your mind.

Tips for Couples: Have realistic expectations from your partners.

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