There will be some tension about your place in society today, Scorpio. Perhaps you are having issues with your participation in society versus your attention to your own personal problems. You need to balance these two areas of your life. You might be surprised by unexpected events that keep you awake at night.

Waking up every morning feeling great is priceless. Take extra care when you go to bed. This will make it more common. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth. Drink enough water throughout the evening to digest your dinner. Do some stretching before you go to bed to help your body relax and feel more relaxed. To maintain a healthy digestion process, make sure you drink water every morning.

In the love and romance department today, it is likely that you do not relate on a physical level but on a spiritual, intellectual, and spiritual level. You will be able to have many discussions and ideas that can bring you closer and strengthen your relationship. This creates a memorable and special occasion.

“Don’t try to create some kind of shape for your life as if you are shearing it with a pair of clippers. Don’t prune down your own life into the shape you think it should be. Don’t be a bonsai, be a mighty oak.”

Colors of the day: Maroon, White

Lucky numbers of the day: 1, 5, 7

Lucky alphabets of the day: E, T, W

Cosmic tip: It is okay to let go of plans sometimes and go with the flow.

Tip for singles: Go on some adventures alone and have fun.

Tip for couples: Express your feelings freely in front of your partner. If you won’t tell him/her, how would he/she listen?

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