The week is going to hold good aspects when it comes to your career. You will be experiencing a blissful period at work and will be progressively working harder to achieve your targets. There might be some unexpected delays that you might have to encounter. But with time, these challenges will sweep away and are going to bring positive news for you. You will be gaining the momentum back again.

The week is going to be encouraging as you will get drawn towards a healthy lifestyle. You would like to remain healthy and would be engaging in fitness activities. You will also indulge in maintaining a healthy diet plan with loaded vegetables and nutrition. Refrain from undertaking physical activities that can risk making you sick.

Professionally this week is going to be very beneficial for you. You are going to come across offers and deals that can change the course of your career. The week is going to be a major milestone in your career and you will be coming across new personalities who are going to give you important insight into professional life. You need to be attentive at all times and grab the opportunity as it comes.

The beginning of the week is going to be a little rocky as you need to protect your relationship from vicious vibrations and negative influences. To keep the relationship working it will be necessary for you to prove your test of love to your partner. You will have to live up to their expectations and make certain sacrifices and adjustments.

You might be receiving some exciting opportunities to travel to a foreign land. The week holds exceptional opportunities for you when it comes to your career and profession. You might get a wonderful offer from the foreign ambassador which will have a huge influence on your social status as well as on your financial position.

Colors of the week: Lavender, Sea Green

Lucky Numbers of the week: 2, 5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, S

Cosmic Tip: Make preparations to celebrate your huge success or else you might run short of time

Tips for Singles: Have faith and patience as the Universe will help you to meet someone soon.

Tips for Couples: Love your partner stronger than before this week.

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