Love and relationships will be average this week. It may be difficult for you if you are in committed relationships. During this phase, you may face a challenging phase, as the chances of disputes and arguments are very high. You are advised to control your anger. You should resolve petty issues peacefully and wisely. Be careful when handling relationships because they are fragile. Be honest and empathic in your communication. Keep your boat sailing in the right direction by spending quality time with your loved ones.

For the next week, you may need to be careful about your health. You may face problems in the future if you overlook the health of any of your family members. Many natives may find that they need to boost their immunity through proper dietary practices. The best diet for this is probably a home-cooked one. To improve your health, practice yoga and physical exercise. In the course of the week, you may focus on getting fit by eating a balanced diet involving fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, and lean meat as well.

Your finances may be affected by planetary aspects this week. Hence, you might have to control your spending urges during this phase. Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing land or property if you cannot pay your weekly EMI’s. In order to protect your savings, Experts advise you to stay vigilant and steer clear of speculative investments and lotteries. Around this period, there is good news in store for you. It is possible to inherit some property. You may be approved for a loan during this phase that will assist you in meeting your business needs.

It’s hard to endure boredom. Some find it harder to endure harsh emotions because it’s unrelenting and doesn’t offer any narrative to help you get through it. Nothing dramatic about it, just the monotony of the task at hand. Scorpios have a special tolerance for enduring unstimulating tasks because they don’t feel like the hero while they work. Because you are not truly bored, you are able to determine when boredom is a necessity for the pursuit of something worthwhile, or when pivoting may be required as might be the journey is not worth the effort. Your time is saved, which is a very positive outcome.

Planning a trip gets you excited, and it just grows from there. Your love for traveling doesn’t limit you to a specific type of trip. Some years, you may visit the beaches of Bali; the next, a road trip across the country incorporating stops wherever you feel like it. An elaborate plan will be followed through perfectly by a Scorpio. Rather than stay in hostels and eat cheap food, they prefer to limit their trips and travel first class. Heads up, this can be your week to plan a holiday again.

Colors of the week: Pink & white

Lucky Numbers of the week: 2, 7, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with H & Y

Cosmic tip: Try to do something you enjoy every day

Tips for Singles– Give them the authentic version of yourself.

Tips for Couples – Communication is the key. Talk as much as you can.

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