Well, we all do come across fathers who are insanely strict and you don’t dare to utter a word against them. Be it your girlfriend’s father, your strict grandfather, your friend’s father or any one. Chances are nine out of ten times those are Taurus fathers. They are the epitome of strict and old world style parenting. They are not the usual everyday cool dads who blend with their children in order to raise them. They have their strict rules and guidelines which their children has to follow a lot. More over they are very possessive for their daughters and they can do every possible thing for them just to see them smile.

They are amongst the most responsible, caring and practical dads amongst all the zodiac signs. Even though they are damn strict but all they want is the betterment of their children. They are also very silent observers who keep a tab on their children even when their child feels dad is not keeping attention on them. They are one of those fathers who can be very strict and even use their hands if their child has gone off-track.

They are hard working fathers who will always makes their children realize importance and value of money and principles in life. They are always ready to sacrifice their own luxuries to give their child the best possible education ever. They may not provide them with all the ultra luxuries but when it comes to studies they will be ready to sacrifice anything to give them the finest education and make them better human beings in life.

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