Taurus is a sun sign which has traits of being practical, straightforward and swayed temper. So if you have a Taurus sibling be assured to have a very normal but not the most exciting growing up years with them.

They are not like Aries siblings with whom you fight, you love and you have fun. They are naturally serious by nature and they would get troubled if their siblings try to disturb them in any manner. You are also bound to have a lot of fights with a Taurus sibling because of their short tempered nature since childhood.

These siblings are not naughtiest but definitely amongst the most practical and honest siblings you can have. As a brother/sister they will always say whatever they have in their mind on the face because of their simple practical and straightforward nature.

Taurus is a sun sign which likes to protect their loved ones, they cherish the role of being the protector. So if your Taurus sibling is elder to you be assured you are protected from basically everything right from your dirty secrets which shouldn’t be revealed to your mom-dad or protecting you against the college bullies or teaching the guy a lesson who broke your heart.They will be damn protective and caring in that manner.

Taurus is also that kind of sibling who will be very lazy and would prefer to sleep instead of sharing work with their brothers/sisters. They are also those kind of siblings who will get upset if they find that their other sibling is getting more love and affection from their parents and this would drift the Taurus sibling apart from their brothers/sisters. Overall Taurus makes for good siblings apart from their short tempered nature and dominating nature, they will also be every supportive and protective as brothers or sisters.

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