Even if it appears as if all around you are losing their heads, you can be the voice of reason where one is needed.

There could be aspects of your world that others want to emulate in terms of security, stability, and predictability.

In other words, one or two people might believe you’re doing something right and want to follow your example. All you need to do is keep doing what you’re doing.

The Sun in your sign gives you a personal boost, dear Taurus, leaving you feeling more in charge of your life in a general and relative sense.

Today, however, there can be a tendency to want to cocoon yourself from stressful situations. You might not be feeling up to coming to conclusions, making strict commitments, or dealing with definitions.

A friendship can be on the ambiguous side for some. Try to stay calm and composed if something unexpected crops up, since you’ll get back on track soon enough.

Later today, a Mercury-Pluto square comes into influence, and you’re not satisfied with superficial explanations or offhand answers to your questions. Differences in opinion or lack of understanding can arise that frustrate you.

You may feel backed into a corner or forced to make a decision, which only makes you want to dig in your heels harder.

Focus can be on a private matter or an unresolved issue from your past, and it can be a real challenge to relax your mind. Do your best to detach yourself from negative thinking and perhaps even use worry to fuel efforts to fix problems.

Your charm, vivacity, and allure attract admirers wherever you go. Although you may be tempted to get lazy on the job, this isn’t a good time to do so. At least do the bare minimum so your employer doesn’t accuse you of slacking off.

After you dispatch your professional responsibilities, you can enjoy a relaxing evening with your nearest and dearest. Whether you’re cuddling with your romantic partner or enjoying a Zoom party, it will feel good to laugh with people who appreciate your earthy sense of humor. You bring levity to any situation today.

Today’s Quote: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Fair

Lucky Numbers: 2, 20, 23, 31, 47, 49

Daily Compatibility: Pisces

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