Last night’s Solar Eclipse gives you the power to turn over a new leaf with your studies, communications, and connections, dear Taurus.

It’s a great time to learn something new, make contacts, and use the power of communications to move your goals forward. Seek out opportunities for learning and communicating or avenues for self-expression.

There may be new ways of getting around or connecting that open doors for you. Keep in mind that right now, you may experience an initial feeling of being overwhelmed since eclipses can wipe us out before restoring energy.

News can come that steers you in a new direction. A Venus-Saturn trine occurring now is good for personal appeal and for firming up a project. Focus might be on bringing a plan or idea down to earth.

It’s an excellent time for attention to details with money, business, and creative projects.

You’re drawn to pastimes and pleasures that have something to teach you, or you put more effort into the practical side of your hobbies and relationships now.

Transformation is cyclical, and you’re on the brink again. Today’s planetary mix calls for reinvention of your identity and clearly expressing your desires is critical to your growth. Make a radical new choice that aligns with your quest for inner peace.

Stagnation is no longer a viable option. Stretching beyond your previous norms might be scary at first but experiencing the exhilaration that exploration can bring whets your appetite for more. Listen for subtle encouragement from your direct spheres of influence.

While the Moon leaves your communication sector today, wrapping up yesterday’s solar eclipse, the Sun is here for another nine days.

All of a sudden, with Jupiter in his early days in direct motion in your relationship sector, communication is something that needs to be taken seriously.

The communication gods have put in their best efforts to get the communication lines open and the Sun will support you for another nine days, but after that you’re on your own. Make the most of the support, while it’s here.

Today’s Quote: “Talking to your BEST FRIEND is sometimes all the therapy you need…”

Lucky Numbers: 2, 12, 20, 22, 43, 44

Daily Compatibility: Virgo

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Excellent

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