You have finally saved enough money to invest it in a house or land. Stop holding onto the past and move on. Without letting your past go, you are going to be holding on to the memories which will just hurt you further. Today, you will have to be firm about matters that concern you and you need to start voicing your opinion than allowing others to use you as a doormat.

You need to start taking better care of your health. Stop procrastinating and start at least walking around your house to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every action of yours affects you and it is time that you realize that. Practicing yoga will help you not only maintain a healthy lifestyle but it will also help you reduce your stress. It will allow you to explore a calmer approach to life.

Due to the recent bouts of stress and pressure in your work life, you find it hard for to communicate with your partner. This makes you anxious and restless as well. You even find yourself antsy and not being able to concentrate because of this. Communicate and try talking to your partner, and talk it out explaining the reason behind your behavior and why exactly are you acting this way.

β€œOne day I woke up and realized no amount of love, care, pain, hurt, anger, or retribution could ever transform those who are evil into good or kind people. That day I let go; I stopped caring for them, gave up any hope for their souls, and knew they were never worthy of me or my time.”

Colors of the day: Green, Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: V, K

Cosmic Tip: The world is yours to explore, stop being afraid of failure.

Tips for Singles – Go out on dates and meet new people.

Tips for Couples – Communicate with your partner about the emotional baggage you carry.

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