Like so many people around the world, you may currently feel held back from accomplishing your goals and executing long-term plans.

Fortunately, as a Taurus, you could find relief about any spoiled plans by directing your energy into creative works or finding ways to connect with those closest to you.

Embrace the possibility that this period of seclusion and downtime will bring you into alignment with new information that ultimately changes your goals in ways that better serve your long-term well-being.

You can continue to apply copious amounts of logic to a decision that you may have considered making for some time. But it’s just as sensible to trust what you feel about whatever it is you must do or a step you must take.

Try to adopt less of a ‘scientific’ approach to your dilemma and more of something that’s heartfelt and intuitive. Logic always has its place, but it’s probably adding to rather than reducing confusion now.

There can be some scattering of mental energies today, dear Taurus, but you also get the chance to enjoy your interactions and learn something interesting.

It can be especially challenging to make clear-cut decisions or to center yourself, particularly in the morning. You can struggle with some indecision or a fear of missing out.

Nevertheless, there are opportunities to rise above these minor feelings of unrest, particularly if you focus on friendly gestures or creative pursuits. Romance, comfort, and finances are in favor with today’s Mercury-Venus aspect.

You’re magnetizing good things to you quite naturally, and you may be expressing both your feelings and ideas with the same ease. Complicated problems seem to be easier to understand when you feel supported and approach them in a relaxed manner.

Today’s Quote: “You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won’t mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel like you have known the person for forever…. connections are made with the heart, not the tongue.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Excellent

Business: Fair

Lucky Numbers: 3, 17, 25, 40, 44, 49

Daily Compatibility: Virgo

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