Take charge of your overall health today, Taurus. You’ll likely wake up feeling energetic and well. Seize this opportunity to be active in doing things that will help continue your good feelings.

Consider all aspects of your health, including emotional and spiritual. If you can, sit outside in the sunshine and fresh air to consider the areas of your life that could use a workout. Take a walk, do some gardening, engage in something both creative and physical.

You want to be fair-minded when trying to find the source of a current problem at work. Although your approach is fully above board, you might be accused of playing favorites today.

Your efforts at diplomacy may soothe some ruffled feathers for a while, but attempting to see things from everyone’s differing perspectives could backfire in the long run.

If you’re not making progress, don’t be afraid to let your position be known. Being transparent about your subjectivity will lead to a breakthrough faster than playing the role of the diplomat who wants to stop and listen to every point of view.

As the Moon’s monthly visit to your work sector wraps up, this is likely to leave you with a new sense of professional and job confidence.

Where last week’s lunar eclipse may have created some professional pressure or work/life balance tension, the Moon is now giving you the intuitive edge and the friendly support to turn this into motivation. With Venus in her final days in your career sector, this is a day for listening to your heart and gut.

Today’s Quote: “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

Lucky Numbers: 8, 22, 31, 33, 36, 38

Daily Compatibility: Virgo

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