You take great pride in doing a good job, so when people have a problem with your performance, you take their comments seriously.

After reflecting on whether their complaints have merit, you’ll make any necessary adjustments and, as a result, you get even better at your job. That’s why they call it “constructive” criticism.

When someone is being unfair, however, you’re able to let their words roll off your back. This ability to rise above negativity earns the respect of your peers and puts you in great demand on the work front.

Giving as good as you get isn’t an option. Maybe you’ve tried and seen for yourself that it’s not worth the effort. So what have you yet to try where the tension between you and someone is concerned?

A bit more openness and understanding, that’s what. See what you can do about applying more of both.

Good energy is with you for spotting a great deal and for business ideas in general, dear Taurus. You might fully enjoy performing services, coming to the aid of people in your life, or working hard at getting something sorted on your own.

It can be a fine time to see new ways of doing things that improve or make your life a little more enjoyable. You want to be useful or productive with the Moon’s transit of your work and health sector.

Still, with the Sun and Jupiter forming a minor challenging aspect, it can be a little too easy to push a good thing and go too far. Overindulgence is a possibility now if you’re not in touch with what’s making you feel discontent.

The desire to expand your horizons can compete with a need to stick with familiar situations. Thinking in big terms is a good thing now, but actions should be moderate for best results.

Today’s Quote: “Don’t listen to those people who suggest you should be ‘over it’ by now. The people who squawk the loudest about such things have almost never had to get over anything. Or at least not anything that was genuinely, mind..soul-crushingly life altering.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 8, 18, 21, 41, 42, 43

Daily Compatibility: Cancer

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