Some outside responsibilities may temporarily affect your love life, Taurus. Although you may have a strong desire for a romantic relationship, it is possible that your work schedule will dictate hours. It can feel frustrating, especially if you have been waiting for this moment for so long. However, you might be able to meet up with your friend in the latter part of the evening. Ask. These situations are common and most people can understand them.

Keeping your body in shape is something you should be proud of. You are the sum of the effort you have put into staying fit, healthy, and eating well. This noble cause is yours now. When it comes to your own health, prioritize doing what is best for you than doing something for others. You will do more for your health if you take care of yourself than you would for others.

The atmosphere of the sky will be conducive to a calm and reflective day. If you’re looking for something to do with your lover, today’s celestial environment means that you can have a nice meal at a peaceful and intimate restaurant. Take the time to make a special effort to get along with your partner after a busy day.

“Now when I say let go, I do not mean reject. Because when you let go of something, it will still be there for you when you need it. But because you have stopped clinging you will have freed yourself up to tap into other possibilities – possibilities that can help you deal with this world of accelerating change.”

LUCKY COLOR– Deep red and Blue.



COSMIC TIP– Walk past your regrets and focus on the greater good.

SINGLES TIP– All you need right now is your own company and a little alone time.

COUPLES TIP– Spending a little more time will probably resolve the unsaid issues.

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