Digging in your heels and refusing to budge will not suffice to solve the problems in your life right now. Although being vulnerable can be difficult, sometimes we have to tell people what we’re really thinking in order to avoid becoming resentful later.

If you’re uncomfortable with the way someone treats you, you have to let them know, and if there’s a problem that you need help solving, there’s no shame in asking for help; you aren’t showing weakness, you’re showing the ability to graciously accept support.

Do you see a particular matter with the same level of importance that somebody else does? You could have personal views about what’s right or wrong about it.

Somebody likely has their own. But if you’ve been in any doubt about how to ‘do the right thing,’ then today’s Lunar Eclipse could make that clear.

Allow yourself to bring a new level of integrity where it’s needed within a situation, an arrangement, or a certain relationship.

As you go a little more deeply into your pursuits these days, dear Taurus, you may need to find moments to come up for air. Heightened emotions surrounding money and possessions, as well as personal values and talents, can be a theme now with a Lunar Eclipse landing in your resources sector.

Even though it’s a partial eclipse, it nevertheless holds power over you to face feelings and make changes and improvements that get you to a stronger sense of security, predictability, and safety.

You can have a revelation about money or business or deal with matters related to your values and self-worth or boundaries in a relationship. Realizations about how to better handle or manage your money can occur now.

Take your time before making any pivotal decisions, but aim to examine feelings coming to the surface, however raw they may be at the moment. As the day progresses, you might benefit from someone’s point of view.

You might form or fine-tune plans, or your common sense helps you unblock or find your way around obstacles. It’s a good time to have a discussion about beliefs and morals or to clarify intentions. Being reliable and present can help strengthen bonds now.

Today’s Quote: “Death is the easy part, the hard part is living and knowing you could be so much more then you’re willing to be.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Excellent

Business: Excellent

Lucky Numbers: 9, 10, 11, 18, 28, 47

Daily Compatibility: Capricorn

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