You are working behind the scenes today, but even though you are not out front and center, you still feel appreciated and valued.

Your family is particularly supportive now and your relations with them can help you to feel effective and powerful as an individual, even as circumstances keep you somewhat held back.

You have a great amount of self-love and self-esteem welling up from a deep place and remember: Your own approval means more than anyone else’s.

Everyone, in some way, looks for a leader on some level. Perhaps, the last thing you feel like doing is playing such a role for others.

But you appear to have gained knowledge or experience that has not only helped you recently but could come in handy for one or two people close to you.

What has helped you to feel more stable or confident could work for them. Be willing to share it.

This is a time for feeling inspired by a deeper connection to a person or project, private matter, or family connection, dear Taurus.

Even so, you can be more sensitive to how you’re received. Passions are strong, but love or fulfillment is complicated, especially because you require some self-nurturing.

There are opportunities today, even with a bit of off-timing or reservations. If you can focus on positive expressions and activities, you can tap into a lovely Venus-Mars aspect.

Focusing on a solvable problem in the mental or mechanical world may be a way to release energy constructively.

You may feel driven to take action on a personal matter or to put something behind you. Family matters can be notably warm, smooth, and natural now.

Your personal appeal is strong, and the focus can be on missed opportunities or past connections.

Today’s Quote: “There was no such thing as the right time, he explained. Time was an idea: it had no end and no beginning; it could not be seen or heard or smelled. It could be measured, sure enough, but no words had been found to explain precisely what is was. As to the “right” time, it was simply a matter of agreeing to agree.”

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Excellent

Business: Fair

Lucky Numbers: 1, 12, 18, 23, 25, 28

Daily Compatibility: Cancer



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