The Sun heads into your sign today, dear Taurus. Strive to be the best you can be during the solar cycle starting today that places the emphasis on you, your personal needs, plans, and manner, as this will get you off to a great start for the year ahead.

Others tend to follow your lead, or they step aside and allow you to do whatever it is you want to do. Generally speaking, it’s a time for seizing the day, and for shaping your life as you’d like it to be, for being heard and noticed and counted.

However, Mercury has just retreated into your private solar twelfth house, and today, Venus does the same, making this year’s Sun in Taurus cycle a somewhat quiet one.

The Sun’s transit lasts until May 21st, and the new Venus cycle that begins today will extend until May 16th, and in the weeks ahead, in some ways you are very much on show but in other ways, emotionally distant, which of course, can make you all the more desirable to some.

You want your look to be natural and your mind unencumbered today. Others might bring various gripes or requests to your doorstep but you’re quick to reject anything that has no rightful place on your agenda.

Freedom comes in many shapes and sizes, and your deepest intuition knows exactly the form that’s made for you. In the here and now you’re hanging loose and traveling with little baggage.

Navigating the intricacies of relationships involves both your head and your heart.

During the first full day of your birthday month and new solar year, there is likely to be a merging of the past, present and future.

The Sun may have left a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart yesterday, wrapping up your old solar year, but as Venus joins Mercury here today, there is still a strong sense of nostalgia in the air.

At the same time, while the Sun’s return has opened the doors to a new solar year, it is clear from the get go that the construction of major new roads is already well underway.

Today’s Quote: “Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 17, 27, 28, 34

Daily Compatibility: Capricorn

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