This day is for looking inward and not outward. This is a positive thing because it’s not too nice out there. It seems that nothing is going as planned. Calls and checks aren’t returning. You’re feeling ineffective at best. Keep your chin up. This has nothing to do w/ you, and all to do w/ the planets. It will all pass. Do something you enjoy.

You are a party-goer who is afraid that no one will show up to your event. You can decrease your fear of being rejected by doing simple exercises. Keep up with your exercise program, even if you are feeling discouraged. When you do feel the need to give up, remind yourself that you won’t let go of what you love. This will help you to lessen loneliness fears.

Money can be a tempting proposition. So is thinking of ways to get more. Your day’s planet constellation could reveal a clever plan that will allow your bank account to soar. But money does not always purchase love. While it may be tempting to marry someone, make sure that there’s more than just money involved. You also need to find it emotionally fulfilling.

“You’re not as screwed up as you think you are. And in reality, it’s just one long noodle. Step outside of your brain for a second, the weather is great out here.”

Colors of the day: Green, Black

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 2

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, J, P

Cosmic Tip: Seek for answers that you have been avoiding

Tips for Singles: Avoid relationship complications

Tips for Couples: You have mutual understanding today.

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